Dubai Bling cast: Let's get to know the 'Dubai Bling' cast

Farhana Bodi

Farina is a content creator and social media influencer who grew up in South Africa, according to Gulf News. The 36-year-old recent divorcée currently lives in Dubai with her son, Aiden.

Kris Fade

This 42-year-old radio presenter, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur is originally from Sydney, Australia

Safa Siddiqui

Safa is a Brit living in Dubai.She is a fashion designer who has "always loved fashion.Safa is 32 years old.

DJ Bliss

DJ Bliss, also known as DJ Marwan Al-Awadhi, is "one of the pioneers of the music and nightlife scene in the Middle East,"

Lojain Omran

Lojain is "Saudi Arabia’s most desired influencer," She is also a television personality and a humanitarian cause advocate.

Ebraheem Al Samadi

Ebraheem is the CEO and founder of Forever Rose and Forever Rose Cafe. The company is credited with selling "the only original 100% Natural Long Lasting Rose,"

Zeina Khoury

Zeina is a London Business School Alumna and the CEO of High Mark Real Estate, She is also a TV and Radio personality who has appeared on multiple entertainment shows in the Gulf region.

Loujain Adadah

Loujain is a Lebanese model who was born in California. Aside from modeling, Loujain also hosted various TV programs throughout her career.

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