Selma Blair Drops Out from Dancing with the Stars Over Health Concerns

The newest edition of Dancing with the Stars aired live on Disney+ on Monday night, and a particularly poignant moment occurred at the end of the “Most Memorable Year” show. It was reported that actress Selma Blair, who had emerged as a fan favorite this season with dance partner Sasha Farber, would be withdrawing from the competition. This disclosure was made in a video of Blair advising Farber that she needed to leave immediately due to health difficulties linked to multiple sclerosis.

“I’m unable to continue with the competition.” I pushed myself as far as I could. “I’m really sorry, Sash,” Blair remarked as both candidates sobbed. “With a chronic condition, you have to take specific precautions, and my body is obviously suffering.” It’s just too much for my bones’ safety. There’s really intense bone stress and inflammation, along with rips and tears, so I may do substantial damage, which I obviously don’t want.”

Blair continues, “I’ll have to settle in and go back to being a parent and showing kids I have to draw back on something I love doing, and sometimes you have to make hard decisions, but I truly want to have the final lovely dance with you.”

Blair and Farber then danced their last dance, a modest waltz choreographed to “What the World Needs Now.” Before bidding farewell to the participants, all of the judges unanimously gave the dance flawless ratings, giving the two a 40.

Will Selma Blair Return for the Finale?

“I didn’t believe I’d ever have this sincerity in my lifetime to actually want to do this and risk shame,” Blair said of her decision to join Dancing with the Stars. “I wasn’t a very good dancer, despite my limitations and chronic disease.” So putting things out there is always scary. Seeing how every dancer who has appeared on this season has been a true top-tier star has made me understand something very important about our perceptions of individuals, certain shows, or what we believe.”

“This is gold here,” she continued. What these celebrities and professionals have created is a genuine enthusiasm for self-love, acceptance, and performance. It’s a lovely reminder, and to be hugged by these folks breaks my heart in the nicest way.”

It’s unknown whether Blair will return for the finale, however she did indicate she had “great aspirations.” Farber wasn’t so sure, believing that Blair’s health should come first and that there should be no pressure to return.

“We have to care after her health and her body first,” he said, adding how glad he was to have made this adventure with Blair, even if it was cut short.

“There aren’t enough words to express how pleased I am,” he said, recalling how Blair had helped him through his own personal challenges. “She is an incredible influence.” She has not only influenced me, but many others all around the world. And I say the globe, not just America, because we’ve had so much support from other countries. There is nothing this lady cannot accomplish. This lady is a fantastic mother, an excellent, famous actress, and a phenomenal dancer. And I couldn’t be happier.”

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