Ricky Martin faces more ‘stunningly hostile’ sex attack claims after $20M claim

Ricky Martin is battling another round of “ridiculously hostile” sexual assault claims— less than a week after he filed a $20 million claim over past allegations from his nephew.

The new grumbling was documented Friday at a police region in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Albeit the name of the individual who pursued the claims was not recorded, the Related Press announced that it was Martin’s nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, who made the documenting.

“These claims are ridiculously hostile and totally untethered from the truth,” Martin’s lawyer José Andréu-Fuentes said in a proclamation to Cutoff time. “At the point when this man recently made comparative claims, his lawful case must be removed — not least since he personally conceded after swearing to tell the truth that Ricky Martin had never attacked him in any capacity.”

The Latin pop symbol documented his suit against Sánchez Sept. 7, asserting his nephew’s allegations of inbreeding and sexual maltreatment were an endeavor to “kill” the artist’s standing, as per court docs acquired by The Post.

The claim — which guarantees Sánchez’s charges cost Martin somewhere around $10 million worth of dropped agreements and ventures, in addition to one more $20 million in punitive fees to his standing — came after the 50-year-old pop star was hit with allegations that he was sincerely engaged with Sanchez, and supposedly bothered the young fellow after their relationship finished.

In July, Martin’s 21-year-old nephew guaranteed he was a survivor of homegrown maltreatment and unlawful inbreeding because of Martin, and was conceded a controlling request against the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” vocalist.

The Latin pop icon filed his suit last Wednesday in San Juan, on Wednesday against Sánchez, claiming his nephew’s accusations of incest and sexual abuse were an attempt to “assassinate” the singer’s reputation, according to court docs obtained by The Post.
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At that point, Martin’s lawyer denied the “appalling” and “false” allegations, saying the informer has “emotional wellness challenges.” At last, the argument against Martin was dropped, however as indicated by the most recent legitimate move made by Martin, Sanchez hasn’t halted there.

He guaranteed one month after Sanchez pulled out the controlling request, that he besieged Martin with messages through online entertainment, and promised to “kill his standing and respectability” on the off chance that Martin didn’t hack up some quiet cash.

Sanchez once flaunted about being Martin’s nephew, the claim charges — that is, before he made cases of interbreeding and abusive behavior at home. In the desk work, Martin said he got a surge of direct directives for quite a long time, once in a while getting in excess of 10 in a day.

The messages, as per Martin, were sent by a “maladjusted person,” who likewise released the vocalist’s telephone number on Instagram and made spoof represents one of Martin’s children.

Because of Sanchez’s charges, Martin — who is at present shooting the impending Apple TV+ series “Mrs. American Pie” with Laura Dern, Kristen Wiig, Allison Janney and Kaia Gerber — cases to have lost multimillion-dollar arrangements, and presently looks for $20 million as pay for the harms, as well as leaving the artist feeling “perilous” in Puerto Rico.

Martin has been vocal about how “agonizing” the cases against him were, referring to them as “annihilating” for himself as well as his friends and family.

“It has been so difficult. It has been destroying for me, for my family, for my companions, and I wouldn’t want this for anyone,” Martin said a month ago. “To the individual that was guaranteeing this garbage, I hope everything works out for him and I wish he tracks down the assistance so he can begin another life loaded up with adoration and truth and bliss, and he doesn’t hurt any other person.”

In the mean time, Martin faces one more $3 million claim recorded in July by his previous supervisor Rebecca Drucker, who asserts she is owed neglected commissions. Her suit likewise indicated a “possibly vocation finishing claim” happening in September 2020, in spite of the fact that Martin “arose sound and continued with his expert resurgence.”

The following hearing for Drucker’s suit is booked for Oct. 5.

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