Ray J slams Kris Jenner for denying she helped Kim Kardashian release sex tape

Polygraph test results are cursed, Beam J demands that Kris Jenner lied about her supposed association in the arrival of his scandalous sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

On Saturday, the entertainer and vocalist posted a progression of recordings on Instagram upbraiding Jenner and Kardashian for supposedly hawking a misleading story about the conditions of the tape, which was spilled in 2007. Beam J multiplied down on his case that the sex tape bargain was organized by Jenner, who swore she didn’t have anything to do with it during a falsehood locator portion of “The Late Show” last week.

“How you attempting to treat me is practically heartless and foul at the most significant level,” Beam J subtitled an Instagram present tended to on Jenner and Kardashian. “You assume you … can just f — individuals over and pull off it for eternity!!! That is where you are off-base — I address Divine beings in the armed forces!!! What’s more, presently it’s going to be a simple win on you friends.”

During a new episode of “The Late Show,” James Corden asked Jenner, “Did you assist Kim with delivering her sex tape?” After Jenner feigned exacerbation, shook her head, and immovably said “No,” Los Angeles-based polygraph inspector John Grogan decided her response was honest.

“Goodness, that’s what I like,” Jenner said on the late-night program. “We cleared that up.”

On Instagram, nonetheless, Beam J considered the falsehood indicator test “counterfeit” and considered Grogan a “fake” who “never moved on from a polygraph school” and is “precisely known as the polygraph parasite.” Grogan’s Instagram page depicts him as a go-to television “polygraph fellow” who has regulated in excess of 11,000 polygraph tests since the 1980s. Grogan didn’t promptly answer Monday to The Times’ solicitation for input.

Beam J additionally targeted Corden and CBS for employing Grogan and broadcasting the falsehood indicator fragment. Agents for “The Late Show” and its host didn’t quickly answer Monday to The Times’ solicitations for input.

“This is the buddy Kris Jenner had taken her falsehood indicator test [from] to make me seem to be a liar!” Beam J proceeded.

“Also, what’s more, miserable is the organization permitted it to work out!! Everyone is getting sued bc 4 criticism!! … I can hardly stand by to show you reality!! I don’t give a f — what anyone says or feels right now — you as of now suspect I’m a terrible individual from what they have been compelling me to resemble!! I’m going on the greatest tirade of my life this evening to get my name free from this antagonism.”

The “Attractive Can I” hit producer’s blistering comments come a very long time after an episode of “The Kardashians” returned to the sex tape embarrassment. In the episode, Kardashian’s presently alienated spouse Kanye West recuperates waiting for film from the sex tape that Beam J’s director supposedly has taken steps to deliver.

In one of his Instagram recordings Saturday, Beam J looked at direct messages he purportedly sent Kardashian after the episode debuted on Hulu.

“You understand what we did! Your mother controlled this entire sex tape bargain … it was her plan to put out the tape … All I did was concur,” one of the messages read. “Presently you need to cause it to appear as though I’m doing it again without your control. That large number of phony tears. Your fans confiding in you, to tell the truth and be genuine yet it’s all phony for the cameras. I was having my influence until you began doing all of this!”

“It was disturbing to need to manage and I’m certain you can grasp how that feels,” Kardashian supposedly answered. “We are the two guardians now with small children and vocations and I’m certain you need to continue on from this very much as I do. In any case, your supervisor is the individual who brought this all up all of a sudden and I reserve a privilege to share what it meant for me.”

During his Instagram takedown, Beam J additionally introduced what he asserted was a unique duplicate of the sex-tape contract, which shows that he and Kardashian recorded three separate tapes — two in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and one in St Nick Barbara — for which they each got $400,000. The recording craftsman stated that Jenner watched the recording and “pursued a choice” about which tape to deliver.

“We were in this s — together,” he said on Instagram Live. “Kris, you understand what you did. I’m going to show individuals what you did.”

Delegates for Jenner and Kardashian didn’t quickly answer Monday to The Times’ solicitations for input.


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