Kenan Thompson dances to iconic Classic Theme Songs at 2022 Emmys

Kenan Thompson’s dance moves as host of the Emmys were “All That. Opening the 2022 Early evening Emmys with his extravagant footwork, Thompson, 44, boogied to a variety of notorious TV signature tunes, including “Companions” tune “I’ll show up for you” by the Rembrandts, the incredible “Brady Bundle” jingle and the indisputable beat of “Regulation and Request.”

“You all at any point see ‘Living Single?’ I think you’d like it,” kidded the “Saturday Night Live” star as he hit the dance floor with umbrellas, foundation artists, and a prop sofa, to the “Companions” subject.

(His “Living Single” reference was a carefree punch at the longstanding joke that “Companions” was NBC’s more standard variant of the all-dark cast ’90s sitcom).

”Kenan Thompson isn’t, by his own portrayal, “that person who raises a ruckus,” his initial talk for this evening’s 2022 Emmy Grants on NBC held him at his promise. Without even a sidelong look, substantially less an offending thorn, the long-term Saturday Night Live pillar opened this evening’s service with a sign of approval for exemplary television subject shows, a few artists doing move moves and Oprah coming around to be Oprah.

Kenan Thompson dances the night away during the Emmys show opener.
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Thompson — who named himself the “city chairman of TV” in his initial discourse while wearing a formal hat and coattails — then, at that point, altered himself into the ” The Brady Bundle” topic visuals, putting himself in the focal point of the cast’s nine-squared framework. He kidded that late show star Robert Reed, who played father Mike Brady, was his “biological dad.”

The “Kenan & Kel” star then went on the cut a rug to the booming sound of “Law & Order” tunes while dressed as “Law & Order: SUV” star Ice-T.

Thompson closed his Emmys dance recital costumed as actress Emilia Clarke’s “Game of Thrones” character Daenerys in a long blonde wig.

Flanked by a band of dancers dressed as the “unsullied” soldiers, Thompson yelled out: “That’s the game of thrones b–ches.

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