Justina Valentine takes a “Revenge Prank”

The guest prank star is on the field with Pauly D for the week’s ‘Revenge Prank.’. MTV Star, Justina Valentine, is now performing yet another prank on one of the most unsuspected victims! Justina helps a mom, Tonya, to trick her daughter, Kharisma, on her birthday. The daughter is delighted to know that she is getting a car of her dreams as a birthday present.

The prank plan:

Justina taking a revenge prank

Tonya gifted the car to her daughter Kharisma. However, there was a bigger plan under that! Once Kharisma signs the dotted line to buy the vehicle, she will be fully responsible for that car. After she signs the form, she will have to bear the damages happening to the vehicle. Now the prank lies exactly here. Kharisma will witness the car crash right in front of her eyes!

Kharisma’s feeling about the gift:

Justina in the magazine pic

Kharisma starts filling the form and goes through the entire process of it. She is really excited about the present her mom is giving. “I can not even talk.”, she explains with excitement. She also admits, “I don’t know what to say. I’m at a loss for words.” Justina tells that Kharisma believes that she is getting the car. The fake salesman, Bobby, takes her into the office to finalize the deal and sign in the papers. Justin adds, “If Kharisma’s lost for words now, what’s she going to be like when we DESTROY her birthday present!? ”.

She is putting the plan into action!

Justina Valentine - IMDb

Now the papers are signed, and everything is set for the prank to put into action! Justina says, “Okay, everyone, she’s having the best birthday of her life, so it’s about time we ruined it.”. Then she directs the control room to put the nail in the coffin. She advises as, “Keep Kharisma’s eyes on that car. Alright, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for — cue the car crash!”
Justina feels a little bad for the prank on Kharisma, that too on her birthday. However, she does not feel that bad as Kharisma deserves it. After all, it was a revenge prank because she had played the prank on her mom first!

Source: Hollywood Life

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