The Secret Romance of Rob Kardashian amid weight loss

In the recent events, where Rob Kardashian’s sister Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 36th birthday, and this was where we got a surprise from him. Rob Kardashian appeared to have a weight loss! This was not the only shock for his fans.

According to the sources, he also has a new lady in his life after weight loss! The news has spread like a wildfire among his fans and hit the media to become an EXCLUSIVE report. 

You must be eager to know in detail about Rob Kardashian and his Secret Romance, aren’t you?

Kardashian’s trauma about public relationship:

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

The main reason behind Rob Kardashian being single for a long time was the relationship that he had with his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna. It was so intense that encouraged them to get engaged.

Now the question is, what had happened to them that they had to end the relationship. Well, it was more like a drama!

Rob had accused  Chyna of leaving their home along with their daughter Dream Kardashian. The court battle had locked Rob and Chyna. 

The incident proved to be a trauma for Rob and due to which he was not ready to date for several years.

A view from Kardashian’s family:

Rob Kardashian with his daughter (Dream Kardashian)

As sources inform, Kardashian wants his date to be a secret and the family respects his privacy. They just wish to see Rob happy.

According to them, as long as Rob is happy, they have no issues with the secret. They also added that he did not earn the happiness overnight. It was the result of continuous efforts. 

A sneak-peek by the sources:

Rob Kardashian: Then and Now

Specific sources reveal that Rob is keeping it a secret, but he is dating someone he likes

A second source also adds Rob is feeling better than ever and more confident than he has in a long time

We can find that Rob is feeling more positive and confident amid the weight loss. He gets better vibes from within and around him. However, he wants to keep his new date a secret to avoid the damage that happened in the past.

 Fans are now eager to know more about the secret lady love from Kardashian soon. Let see when the next surprise hits us.

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