Kylie Jenner - Forbes' Youngest Self-Made Millionaire, After Selling Company for $600M

Kylie Jenner – Forbes’ Youngest Self-Made Millionaire, After Selling Company for $600M

Forbes just issued its yearly list of World’s Billionaires, and for the second time in a row, Kylie Jenner reigns the title of the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. 

What Made Kylie – World’s Youngest Billionaire!

What Made Kylie - World's Youngest Billionaire!
Her Selling of Cosmetic Brand proved to be Useful

Kylie first captured that title in March 2019. Her reality shows and empire of Kylie Cosmetics brought her worth to a massive $1 billion. She cemented her billionaire status in November 2019. Inking a deal to sell 51% of Kylie Cosmetics to beauty group Coty Inc. for a staggering $600 million. The contract to retain 40% of her company, which closed in January 2020. Thus brings her up to $1.2 billion — making her one of just 2095 billionaires in the world! 

Path opted for The Throne!

Path opted for The Throne!
Kylie Cosmetics Was A Big Hit!

Being a member of the a famous family as well as claiming the title of self-made makes people wonder . “Despite a lot of help from her famous family. She didn’t inherit her business; she built it.” Forbes stated to defend their decision. In 2014, she began her cosmetics company as a teenager, thus starting a social media craze with her makeup and over-lined lips. This later turned into an empire. With her earnings from modeling she paid a company $250,000 to produce Kylie Lip Kits for $29 a pop . To everyone’s surprise, the first 15,000 kits sold out in less than a minute.

Kylie Capture’s the Throne because of..

Kylie Capture's the Throne because of..
All Thanks to The Prank which led her, where she is now!

Kylie became an unstoppable force and crafted a beauty empire, expanding to all kinds of makeup and skincare products, amassing a cult following. She inked an exclusive distribution deal with Ulta Beauty in 2018, bringing her worth to $900 million. Forbes infamously planted her on their 2018 August cover to state that she would shortly unthrone Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook as the youngest self-made billionaire. Boy, she did prove them right!

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