Megan Thee Stallion Dons Rihanna's SavagexFenty Lingerie for #SavageChallenge

Megan Thee Stallion Dons Rihanna’s SavagexFenty Lingerie for #SavageChallenge

There was realistically only one form that the #SavageChallenge was proceeding towards completion, and this was it. “Savage challenge in my @savagexfenty,” Megan Thee Stallion, captioned her Instagram video. 

What Megan was Video All About!

What led to the origination of Megan-Challenge
She Tops the Challenge With her Quirky moves

The rapper poses in some of Rihanna’s black Savage x Fenty lingerie. After posing a bit, and enjoying how good she looks, Hot Girl Meg bust out the moves of the #SavageChallenge. “I’m a savage / Classy, bougie, ratchet,” Meg raps on the track. “Sassy, moody, nasty / Acting stupid what’s happening? /What’s happening? / Bitch, I’m a savage.” After Meg did the #SavageChallenge in Savage lingerie, there is no way for anyone to top, unless if Rihanna, 32, felt like giving it a shot?

Celebs who took the Savage Challenge

Celebs who took the Savage Challenge
A Lot of Celebs took the Challenge-But the originator being A Tik-Tok user

The #SavageChallenge kicked off after TikTok user Keara Wilson came up with the short choreography routine on March 10. Meg quickly threw her support behind the trend and started sharing clips of people dancing her Instagram. She even took part in the Challenge on March 16, posting “Take #522” to her IG. In this first shot, she wore a hooded onesie. Soon, everyone was doing it. Mason Disick, Jessica Alba. So did Marsai Martin, Keke Palmer, Ryan Destiny Normani, and even Hailey Baldwin. By reposting a fan-made video, Janet Jackson did the #SavageChallenge.

What led to the origination of Megan-Challenge

Remember her Savage Song!

The #SavageChallenge not only swept up online, but it further makes its namesake a Top 10 Hit. Megan Thee Stallion’s Suga introduced “Savage”. At the end of that month, the song debuted at #9 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs at Top 10 and also in the Billboard Hot 100 at the Top 20. She previously hit No. 7 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs with her pop culture phenomenon, “Hot Girl Summer.” Though last year saw Megan blow up with “Hot Girl Summer,” 2020 might be her year. She’s on the cover of the May 2020 issue of Marie Claire, and inside it, she spoke about her mother Holly Thomas, aka rapper Holly-Wood, who influenced her.

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