Kardashians' Trainer Reveals How Resistance Bands Tone Your Legs

Kardashians’ Trainer Reveals How Resistance Bands Tone Your Legs

It is quite known that all three of the Kardashian sisters – Kim, 39, Kourtney, 40, and Khloe, 35, have astounding figures which they love to flaunt as and when they can. Their trainer, Don-A-Matrix, shared how resistance bands can get you in amazing shape this summer.

Don-A-Matrix Shares His Tips

Kardashians' Trainer Reveals How Resistance Bands Tone Your Legs

“To ease yourself back into the gym, you want to do workouts that will work your total body so you feel good when heading into the gym. I would probably choose a multi-functional movement, such as a push-up into a squat. This can be done on top of a Bosu/medicine Ball or not.” He said. The push-up targets the total upper body, including the arms, chest, and back while the squats work the lower body. The overall movement even works the core so you’re getting a full workout.

Giving tips on maintaining a gym routine, Don advised to set a detailed schedule and adhere to it as much as you can. Even if you have moments of laziness when you can’t work out, resort to re-establish a schedule for yourself so that you can return to a rhythm. He said that after developing a rhythm, it becomes more difficult for you to fall out of it.

Resistance Bands- A Full-Body Workout

Don-A-Matrix Reveals How Resistance Bands Tone Your Legs

Don revealed his ideal workout that can be tried anytime, anywhere, “I’m a big proponent of using resistance bands in your workouts, and that’s easy enough to use at home as long as you have space to work out in.” He stated that he finds resistance bands to be a great way for a full-body workout anywhere on the go. It allows you to strengthen and tone your core, chest, arms, legs, and back.

The Don-A-Matrix Method

Don admits that his Don-A-Matrix method is a perfect routine to chisel you into shape soon. He developed the Don-A-Matrix method as a way to have a specialized workout relate to a sports game.

His workout consists of four quarters, similar to a normal basketball or football game. But within each quarter, you have 3 sets of two different exercises, coupled with a rest period after each quarter. This method produces results by testing the endurance of the cardio and muscular system to sculpt and tone the body, simultaneously burning fat.

A Healthy Diet

Kardashians' Trainer Reveals How Resistance Bands Tone Your Legs

Apart from a workout, maintaining a healthy diet is essential. Don gave his tips for eating healthy. He said that while trying to eat healthily, you should stick with a steady diet of good grains and proteins, fruits and vegetables. He added, “For foods, I’m a fan of anything with good proteins – so turkey, chicken, eggs, tuna. If you’re going to use bread or make a sandwich, definitely go for whole wheat bread vs. anything else.”

If you’re constantly active and working, it’s particularly essential to stay hydrated – a low-calorie sports drink like BODYARMOR LYTE is his preference as it has no added sugar and nothing artificial.

Don advises, “Just stay with it. There are going to be times when you want to relax, not workout, give-up, whatever it might be – but don’t. It’s important to set goals, keep going, and workout even when you’re lazy and don’t want to.” He adds empathetically that it’s just a matter of getting over setbacks so that you feel better and accomplished afterwards.

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