Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

Here’s a look back at Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon. Daemon Targaryen is without a doubt one of the most mysterious and fascinating characters introduced in HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon. By the end of season 1, he has transformed from a loudmouth jerk who revels in violence, debauchery, and deception to a battle-hardened, respected, fearless warrior and dedicated husband. Daemon decides to go to Dragonstone (the Targaryen ancestral home) and name himself Lord of Dragonstone after being rejected by his brother Viserys, who unnamed as heir to the Iron Throne.

Who is playing Daemon Targaryen? 

Daemon Targaryen is played by Matt Smith in House of the Dragon. He is King Viserys’ younger brother, once heir to the Iron Throne, and also known as the Barbarian Prince. Obviously, Matt Smith is best known for his roles as the eleventh Doctor Who and Price Philip in The Crown seasons 1 and 2. He has recently appeared in Morbius, The Last Night in Soho, and The Forgiven.

Daemon has been a man of few words throughout House of the Dragon season 1. He usually allows his actions to speak for themselves. When Daemon speaks, he does so with purpose, delivering some of the show’s best and most profound dialogue. Furthermore, Daemon has evolved into one of the series’ most complex characters. Audiences and characters alike are never entirely sure whether they love or despise him; he constantly surprises them, for better or worse. In honor of the series season 1 finale.

7/7  Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (Royal Hangover)

Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

Daemon returns to King’s Landing with a crown after his victory in The Stepstones. He approaches the Iron Throne and hands the Crabfeeder’s weapon to King Viserys, as well as the crown he was given after being named King of the Narrow Sea. After being estranged from his brother for several years, he offers it to Viserys, acknowledging his brother’s rule. Daemon later sneaks Rhaenyra out of the castle and takes her to the Street of Silk. According to Screen Rant, he and Rhaenyra come close to having sexual relations, but Daemon abruptly flees, leaving Rhaenyra alone.

The next day, Daemon is dragged in front of the King and interrogated about his and Rhaenyra’s nighttime field trip. Daemon does not deny having sexual relations with his niece; instead, he doubles down and asks Viserys to approve his and Rhaenyra’s marriage in the Targaryen tradition. Viserys is enraged and orders Daemon to leave King’s Landing. Viserys cleans his hands of his thorny younger brother.

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6/7 Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (A Trip to the Vale)

Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

Daemon first appears in House of the Dragon season 1 in the Vale, where his wife Lady Rhea Royce lives. There isn’t much known about their relationship other than it was an arranged marriage in which Daemon had no interest. He approaches Lady Rhea while she is riding her horse, hooded. Daemon never says anything, but she senses what he’s about to do and moves too quickly, scaring her horse and falling, her horse landing directly on top of her. Daemon approaches to see if she can move, and he appears content to walk away until Lady Rhea insults him. Daemon then grabs a large rock, and the scene comes to an end. Lady Royce was discovered with her head and neck completely crushed, according to later reports. This scene exemplifies Daemon’s ruthlessness in the face of his own ambition.

5/7 Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (Choosing a Side)

Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

When Alicent charges at Rhaenyra with a dagger in her hand, Ser Criston Cole, the queen’s sworn guardian, attempts to follow her, only to be stopped by Prince Daemon.

Following a skirmish, Daemon establishes himself firmly on Rhaenyra’s side, indicating his position as the battle lines for the looming civil war begins to emerge.

4/7 Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (Challenge Accepted)

Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

During the dinner scene in episode eight of House of the Dragon, Viserys desperately pleads with his family to make peace — and things appear to go well for a few moments after that. Rhaenyra and Alicent toast each other, and everything appears to be fine. The children then begin taunting one another. A scuffle naturally ensues, and Jacaerys runs at Aemond, only to be easily shoved away. Anyone who has read the books on which the series is based knows that this is the catalyst for the great rivalry between Prince Aemond fighting for the “Greens” and Prince Daemon fighting for the “Blacks.”

3/7 Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (Spilling the Blood of Old Valyria)

Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

When the Sea Snake is wounded in battle, his brother, Vaemond Velaryon, petitions for Driftmark’s succession. Viserys is currently only King in name, with Otto Hightower and Queen Alicent ruling in his place. Viserys is bedridden and consuming copious amounts of poppy milk, which has rendered him hazy. Viserys decides to intervene when Rhaenyra and Daemon arrive and explain the situation to him (a scene we will get to in just a moment). Viserys considers Vaemond’s petition and rejects it.

Due to his rage, Vaemond insults Rhaenrya and her sons in an outburst. Daemon, in perhaps the most shocking moment of House of the Dragon season 1, cuts right through Vaemond’s head like butter and adds, “He can keep his tongue.” This is another crucial scene for Daemon as it establishes his loyalty to his family and his propensity to use violence when he feels it is necessary. Viserys pulls out his dagger and says, “I will have your tongue for that.”

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2/7 Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (Brothers to the End)Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

Rhaenyra and Daemon visit King’s Landing after learning about the petition mentioned above regarding succession. Viserys is discovered by them in bed, high on milk of the poppy. Daemon believes that Viserys has been poisoned by the Hightowers (although that is never confirmed). Rhaenyra does her best to convey to her father the seriousness of the situation, and it is heartwarming to witness Daemon’s love for his estranged brother.

The King enters the hall, barely able to walk, using a cane as he struggles to get to the throne in by far the best scene and performance of House of the Dragon season 1. He stumbles once, but he rejects the help of his Kingsguard. Once more falling to the ground with his crown flying off, Daemon reaches out to help him up. This scene, in which Daemon helps his brother to the Iron Throne and places the crown on his head, is all the more impactful because of their long-term estrangement. This touching scene shows that while Daemon can be a merciless killer with a short fuse, he is also a loyal brother.

1/7 Daemon Targaryen’s Best Season 1 Scenes (Slaying the Crabfeeder)

Daemon Targaryen's Best Season 1 Scenes, Ranked in House of the Dragon

Prince Daemon decides to embark on what his generals refer to as a suicide mission by rowing alone to the Crabfeeder’s island after learning that his brother would be sending assistance to Prince Daemon to aid him in his fight against the Triarchy in The Stepstones. He holds out his sword and waves a white flag after coming ashore. A few men are dispatched by The Crabfeeder to seize Daemon’s sword and possibly his life. As arrows fall from the sky, Daemon bats the soldiers away before slicing through 16 of them. Running across the sand, Daemon dispatches Triarchy soldiers while dodging arrows.

The Sea Snake has ample time to gather his troops and head to the beach as a result. The Triarchy soldiers are being attacked by the Sea Snake’s son Laenor Velaryon at the same time, decimating their archers and giving Daemon the chance to fight the Triarchy’s leader, the Crabfeeder, alone. Daemon, who has been struck by two arrows, runs after the Crabfeeder and pursues him into a cave. After splitting the Crabfeeder in half, Daemon is holding the upper torso when he comes out of the cave.

Prince Daemon is introduced in this scene as a seasoned warrior. Depending on how you look at it, it demonstrates his bravery (or stubbornness). Prince Daemon gains a newfound respect in this scene; in the first two episodes, he is depicted as a complete jerk with no redeeming qualities. Instead of accepting help from his brother, King Viserys, Daemon would prefer to venture into hostile territory on his own.


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