BTS has released a song for The FIFA World Cup, which will begin in Qatar on November 20.

Forget ‘Waka Waka’ South Korean BTS has released a song for The FIFA World Cup, which will begin in Qatar on November 20.

BTS is a recurring brand ambassador for Hyundai, having worked alongside former English football great Steven Gerrard, current South Korean national team captain Park Ji-sung, and others to create the “Team of the Century” worldwide campaign at the World Cup. The ambassador of the United Nations for UNESCO, Danish athlete Nadia Nadeem, fashion designer Jeremy Scott, well-known sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, and others were there.

What Jaehoon Chang President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Said About BTS.

In a statement, Hyundai Motor Company President and CEO Jaehoon Chang stated, “BTS and their songs significantly affect our culture as one of the most prominent worldwide musicians in the globe. It aids in the constructive development of society.

We wish to provide people all around the world the chance to come together through the World Cup campaign with BTS, work toward a common objective of sustainability, and lift each other up.

The campaign’s remix version includes some unique lyrics, such as “Now the vision is clear, the Goal of the Century is here.” Suga and J-Hope remarked in the revised chorus, “We’re going straight to the stars, they never believed we’d make it this far / Now that the vision is clear, the goal of the century is here.”

France is the current FIFA World Cup champion. At the 2018 tournament in Russia, they triumphed once again. The FIFA World Cup anthem is one of the most beloved aspects of the highly anticipated tournament. There will be several World Cup anthems played at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Hayya Hayya (Better Together) by Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and AISHA and Arhbo, sung by Gims and Ozuna, are the two World Cup songs that have already been made public. BTS has also released the song “Yet to Come” to add to it. Numerous individuals throughout the world adore the song.

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